About ELAN

Springhornhof (Neuenkirchen, Germany) having a reputation for being one of the pioneers for Land Art in Europe started an all-European project called European Land Art Network (ELAN) part of which are:

Yorkshire Sculpture Park, West Bretton, Leeds, GB – http://www.ysp.co.uk/

Arte Sella, Borgo Valsugana, Italy – http://www.artesella.it/

Kunstverein und Stiftung Springhornhof, Neuenkirchen, Germany – http://springhornhof.de/

Centrum Rzeźby Polskiej w Orońsku, Poland – http://www.rzezba-oronsko.pl/

With its initiative the Springhornhof plans to intensify the to date rather loose cooperation with individual European Land Art partners and, where necessary, to formalize the partnership and to gradually expand it to other European countries. One of the main goals is promoting promising young artists for cross-border exchange of landscape art ideas. The admission of further Land Art institutions of European countries, which are not yet represented within the network, as well as strong emphasis on public relations to strengthen the presence of organization in the public those are further tasks of the network partners.

New land art works at 4 major art venues are going to be commissioned, providing opportunity to explore the dialogue between man, art and nature through public interaction and education along with inter-European gatherings and symposia. Each of the new works shall be established in accordance to an ongoing general topic, “Impact on Sustainability”.

Thereby, this piece of outdoor work is to display to an international audience the current landscape art position toward above mentioned topic in compliance with the different regional landscape. It should also become a factor in development for the environment centered around the issue of  Earth.

The international ELAN meetings will bring together artists, academics, experts and students to explore art in rural areas, approaches to agriculture and culture, along with the notion of the “Museum without walls” and the positive contribution Land Art can make to sustaining and developing the landscape. It is the task of symposiums to establish new ways of thoughts to soften negative demographic effects on rural areas by cultural activities.

Project is supported by the Culture Program of the European Union.


The European Land Art Network is an EU-funded project initatied by Springhornhof, Centrum Rzezby Polskiej , Arte Sella, and Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

Project is supported by the Culture Program of the European Union.

Project is supported by the Culture Program of the European Union.

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